To airway collapse, causing snoring and sleep apnoea. Ask your doctor about your medication, but remember never to stop taking prescribed medicines without consulting your doctor. effects of viagra with women Smoking – smoke from cigarettes and cigars can irritate the lining of the nose, cause mucus or catarrh production and cause the throat to swell, making breathing more difficult. viagra without prescription Children are more likely to snore if their parents smoke. Seek advice from your gp or pharmacist about stopping smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy doubles your chances of quitting. generic viagra without prescription Your weight- being only a few pounds overweight can cause snoring, as it causes an increase in fat around the throat. real viagra without a rx Men with collar sizes of 16â½ inches or more, or those with short thick necks are at increased risk of snoring or sleep apnoea. viagra 20mg canada â  if you are overweight, weight loss could help to alleviate snoring. Treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea lifestyle changes most treatments for snoring involve clearing the blockage in the breathing passage. If you are a smoker, are overweight*, or sleep on your back, you might be able to alleviate snoring by addressing these. viagra 20mg canada Simple over the counter treatments a number of other treatment options are also available to directly purchase. buy viagra without prescription These include: nasal sprays nasal strips nose clips mandibular advancement devices medical assessment however, snoring is a recognised medical problem and people who snore or have sleep apnoea should always seek professional medical advice before relying on techniques that may mask symptoms but not treat the underlying condition. viagra daily how long does it take to work Sleep apnoea is a potentially dangerous condition and a delay in diagnosis could lead to long term harm. Always consult your doctor or a snoring specialist to find out the cause of your snoring and what treatments might be suitable for you. generic viagra without prescription Surgery for snoring depending on the cause of your snoring, it might be treatable with surgery. The type of surgery would depend on the cause of your snoring, but it could include surgery to the nose, the tonsils, or a uvulopalatoplasty operation (surgery to the soft palate, uvula and tonsils). viagra 20 mg vademecum A specialist snoring surgeon will be able to advise if you are likely to benefit from surgery, and if so, which type of surgery. Cpap patients with sleep apnoea may need to have cpap (continuous positive airways pressure), involving pushing air through tubing to a mask, the air then passes through the nose and into the throat, where the slight pressure keeps the upper airway open. buy viagra online This is only a treatment that would be initiated after proper medical. generic viagra canada